2017 Eagle and Flag 1/4 Gold Aurum

2017 Eagle and Flag 1/4 Gold Aurum

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Own Valaurum's Original Quarter-Gram Aurum®

Valaurum's premiere quarter gram Aurum was made possible by a research and development breakthrough. This allowed Valaurum to layer a thicker sheet of gold while retaining our high standards of durability. The larger-value gold Aurum offers a lower premium over spot price, as well.

The Eagle and Flag Aurum®

The quarter gram Aurum premieres with custom design work featuring classic American imagery. The centerpiece of the face of this Aurum is an engraving dated to the mid-1800s. It depicts an eagle in flight carrying an early American flag.

Blank space in the design of the Eagle and Flag Aurum artfully exposes the beauty and uniqueness of the pure gold laid underneath, showcasing the raison d'être of the Aurum®.

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